For fun we have included a selection of some of the backing slides we use to illustrate our songs and give you a little information on how they were made. We hope you like them.


Bonnie Lass from Ayr 

Following a photoshoot with the lovely Liza Anne in Ayr I wrote this song . This shot  started with a studio shot of Liza Anne. The background was removed and the portrait layered into the background shot of a stormy day on the Clyde over the Isle of Arran. This image is used in the video to set the scene for this Burn's type song. 





While walking though the duty free department in Vancouver airport I spied a little jar of    " antigravity cream" sitting on the shelf. Amazing! If it really was antigravity, how did it stay on the shelf? 

This triggered Clinique, a song teasing the beauty business. The image below is used to set the scene. It is a combination of my pharmacy staff, a complex molecule, an intravenous infusion port and an eye. The eye pulls it all together.

The cosmetic industry has many faces!



 Third World Debt

Many years ago Bonnie and I went to a lecture describing the problems of third world aid. This triggered the writing of Third World Debt. The image is taken from one of the native paintings we bought in Vancouver, two wood face carvings from the sunshine coast, a face from the ethnography museum and a few Canadians. It is designed to convey sadness and thought.


click here for a slide show of integrated images.